Temple Together is an interactive initiative that helps students define success for themselves and explore their interests. In partnership with Suitable, Temple Together provides a gateway into events and activities across campuses, in the schools and colleges, and throughout our various global communities.

There are five key themes within Temple Together.

  • Commitment to learning
  • Professional exploration
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice
  • Collaboration and community building
  • Health and well-being

Temple Together Badges

At the start of the spring 2022 semester, here are the badges that will be available.

How will this help me?

Part of the Temple student experience is engaging in these key themes of development—regardless of major—to help you grow throughout your time here. This goes beyond the specific knowledge in the classroom and helps you to become more well-rounded and prepared to meet the challenges ahead, whether those are in the workforce or graduate school.

How does it work?

Start your Temple Together journey by reviewing the badges available to you and the different activities for each badge in Suitable. Suitable is an interactive platform accessed via a mobile app or website. It allows users to access events and activities and earn points toward badges. The level determines how many points an activity is worth. Completing activities will earn you points or progress toward earning each badge. You can view your progress in each badge as you work your way through it.

For questions about the Temple Together initiative contact templetogether@temple.edu.