Temple Together

It’s time for us to be back together at Temple University! We welcome all students—especially our newest Owls—to explore what Temple Together has in store for the start of the year.

Welcome from your fellow Owls

Meet the newest class of Owls

Hear from the incoming class why they chose Temple for their next journey.

  • I chose Temple University because of the endless opportunities within the Fox School of Business as well as the welcoming culture that is embedded within campus. I love being in the city and the entire atmosphere within and beyond Temple's beautiful campus.
    Julia B.
  • Hello! I’m an incoming music comp major!
    Alina C.
  • Hello my name is Keesha I am a Junior studying Business and after I graduate I would like to look into Entrepreneurship.
    Keesha M.
  • I chose temple because I wanted to bring excitement to my life. Temple is a very diverse school and I wanted to be part of that diversity
    Kamil C.
  • Hi my name is Peytan, I am a freshman from Bucks County and I chose Temple because I love the city and can’t wait to explore more during my time here at Temple. I love working out and being active and although I’m a pretty introverted person, I love meeting new people and making friends.
    Peytan R.
  • Growing up in the surrounding area of Philadelphia I’ve always been immersed in the Temple community. I chose to come to Temple because I knew I’d be supported not only by my family, who live really close by, but by my peers and professors.
    Rore A.
  • Hi! My name is Ryan, and I am a freshman Genomic Medicine Major in the College of Science and Technology. I chose Temple because they are so innovative, and they are the only university in the United States with a major focused on genomes and research.
    Ryan T.
  • My sister was a student here. She loved the school. I also had a tour to Temple and I felt in love with the school since.
    Meriel N.
  • Hi my name is Kaitlyn and I am a freshman at Temple University! I chose Temple University because of the location, diversity, opportunities and skilled professors.
    Kaitlyn B.
  • I chose Temple for it’s amazing reputation and outstanding finance program. I also love being in the city each day and having access to amazing foods and people. Another bonus is that it is close to home and I get to stay close to my family!
    Dean G.
  • I chose Temple because I am a fan of the TUSHRM club for HR majors. It's also a beautiful campus.
    Ashley W.