Temple Together

It’s time for us to be back together at Temple University! We welcome all students—especially our newest Owls—to explore what Temple Together has in store for the start of the year.

Welcome from your fellow Owls

Meet the newest class of Owls

Hear from the incoming class why they chose Temple for their next journey.

  • Hi! My name is Ryan, and I am a freshman Genomic Medicine Major in the College of Science and Technology. I chose Temple because they are so innovative, and they are the only university in the United States with a major focused on genomes and research.
    Ryan T.
  • My sister was a student here. She loved the school. I also had a tour to Temple and I felt in love with the school since.
    Meriel N.
  • Hi my name is Kaitlyn and I am a freshman at Temple University! I chose Temple University because of the location, diversity, opportunities and skilled professors.
    Kaitlyn B.
  • I chose Temple for it’s amazing reputation and outstanding finance program. I also love being in the city each day and having access to amazing foods and people. Another bonus is that it is close to home and I get to stay close to my family!
    Dean G.
  • I chose Temple because I am a fan of the TUSHRM club for HR majors. It's also a beautiful campus.
    Ashley W.
  • Hi I am Taslima, I am so glad to become a Temple student. I preferred Temple because it has one of the best business school, as a business student I have a higher ambition to go. Temple has all kind of opportunity to complete my future goal.
    Taslima A.
  • Hello, I am Jannatul. I am a freshman. I was challenged by my dad to get accepted by one of the college he gave me as options. I chose Temple University because I like the programs here at Temple and the diversity is also amazing.
    Jannatul C.
  • I knew I wanted to attend a local school because I love this area. I researched several in, and around, the Philadelphia area. The more I learned about the Fox School of Business, the more impressed I became. They set you up for success from the very beginning, starting with orientation.
    Sarah S.
  • Hello all!! My name is Joey and I'm currently a junior. I am a transfer student from Montgomery County Community College. I picked Temple because both my older brother and mother have went to Temple, and I wanted to continue the tradition of an owl filled family.
    Joey C.
  • Hi, my name is Ra'neya and I chose Temple because it is close to home. I was born in Jersey but grew up in Philly and I wanted to attend a school that was located in the city. I have always enjoyed the scenery as a child and I wanted to be somewhere familiar as I embark on adulthood.
    Ra'neya C.
  • I chose Temple because I wanted to go somewhere where no one judges anyone else, where everyone can be their own character, no matter how "weird" or "out of the box" someone is. Everyone here is so individualistic with so many interesting talents and interests.
    Nick P.